Construction Management

Altapex is a pioneer of construction management techniques and the architect for the model “Owner’s Representative” in Montreal, long before it appeared on the radar screens of its competitors.

Construction Management is an entirely budget-driven approach which respects the strategic objectives and basic designs of the project, but challenges the methods of execution. Construction managers assume an all-encompassing role in the project and are directly involved in the day-to-day management of on-site construction activities. Value engineering is a key element of this process and gives the project consultants a splendid opportunity to incorporate the latest equipment, systems, materials and construction methods into their designs. Furthermore, it allows design to evolve in tandem with execution, thereby saving time, money and significantly reducing, if not, eliminating any chances of errors. As well, all awarding of contracts is done under the watchful eye of the client, who maintains full control and derives full benefit of the negotiated savings.

Altapex employs its unique knowledge of planning and development, in managing architects, consulting engineers and other professionals to provide complete and reliable estimates based on conceptual and preliminary designs.